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Irrigation System Services

Rainbow Irrigation, based in Pretoria, South Africa, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of irrigation solutions. Certified by industry leaders such as Hunter and Rainbird Irrigation Supplies, as well as the South African Irrigation Institute (SABI), Rainbow Irrigation has been a trusted name since its establishment in 2015.

With over two decades of collective experience in the field, Rainbow Irrigation is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. We are Rain Bird and Hunter Irrigation system accredited dealers.

Our Mission: To transform landscapes, nurture growth, and exceed expectations with every project. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we are your partners in cultivating a vibrant and sustainable future.

Our Happy Clients

What clients say about our Irrigation work.

Jo-an Mollagrean

Quick I.T. Rentals

Hi Peet, na my mening het julle vir ons uitstekende diens gelewer. Baie Dankie.


Home Owner

Dankie vir julle uitsekende en professionele werk wat julle vandag gedoen het. Ek sal julle definitief aanbeveel.

Christo Boshoff

Home Owner

I would like to congratulate you on the excellent work that Aidan and his co-worker did on the irrigation to the garden. Also Rainbow Irrigation followed up on the progress. I am grateful that I chose your firm as the work was done professionally and I will definitely recommend your firm to my friends.


Home Owner

I would also like to thank Rainbow Irrigation for the professional manner in which they carried out their duties. In today's world of service it is not often you are given the opportunity to applaud someone for good service and for this Lee and I thank you for a job well done.

Peter Edmonds


Good Morning, Please find proof of payment attached for your records. Thanks again for the fantastic service and excellent quality of work that Rainbow always delivers.

Jannie de Klerk


Thank you for the great work. Rainbow Irrigation is really good.

Popular Irrigation Products

Rainbow Irrigation

Greening the world around you by supplying the best in Irrigation Systems for the Greater Pretoria and Johannesbrg. 

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Specializing in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, Rainbow Irrigation caters to both residential and commercial clients. From the meticulous design phase to the seamless installation process, Rainbow Irrigation ensures that every project is tailored to meet the unique needs of its clientele. Whether it's a sprawling garden, a sports field, or an agricultural venture, Rainbow Irrigation's expertise guarantees optimal performance and sustainability.


Still using your outdated hosepipe to water your garden? Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd provides the latest technology in precision irrigation to all of your landscape needs. With the new Wi-Fi technology at our fingertips to operate your irrigation system from anywhere in the world.

Away with the old school rain sensors and moisture sensors and hello to the weather station and flow sensors. Saving you up to 55% on your normal irrigation cycle. Rainbow Irrigation Systems Pretoria however customizes each and every award winning irrigation system to suit the client needs.


There are several factors which will determine the efficiency of your irrigation system and maintenance is probably the most important of them all. Just like all working components normal wear & tear will be common over time. This makes regular maintenance on your system very important to ensure longevity of your system.

Maintaining irrigation systems is one most effective way to reduce wasted water, reduce pollution from run-off and over-irrigation, and improve plant health by applying the correct amount of water where it can be utilized by the landscape. As your landscape needs changes, we at Rainbow Irrigation Systems will be glad to assist and keep your garden green all year long. We can service and maintain any Rain Bird or Hunter irrigation system as we are accredited dealers and installers.

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